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STEM Education

STEM Education

STEM Education

STEM is one of the educational methods which integrates four subjects, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and also the U.S. ministry of education has been supported for years.

STEM aims to educate the students to apply the skills in their real society, not just by providing the knowledge, and consequently to eliminate the educational and social gap of the world.

For the elementary students, STEM education provides them with holistic perspectives and comprehension through integrating the four subjects. We aim to create an educational environment for the students to be interested in STEM and be willing to keep learning it. 

 Consequently, we believe that the students will be able to integrate the four subjects in their mind unconsciously in their everyday life. Junior high school students, on the other hand, deepen their knowledge about the occupation which requires the four subjects in STEM, and aim to equip the professional knowledge and skills in the subjects. The high school students finally apply their STEM knowledge to their skills for their occupation and we support them to choose their most suitable future work related to STEM for them.

  Our STEM education is supported by Cognia and will soon to be in our traditional course.

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