World Arrows International School
Online materials.

Online materials.

Online materials.

Online materials are the best choice to study English for anyone living far away from international schools. Perhaps they are too busy to make time for learning English, face financial difficulties, or hesitate to drop out of their current school. We choose online materials so that anyone wishing to study English can do so.

The US Department of Education accredits our online material. Its quality is well-evaluated among educators in the US so that any student can easily adapt to this educational environment.

Traditional course Materials 

Our traditional course material is developed exclusively for online use by the University of Missouri. This material mainly follows the methods that most American students are learning in daily school life while integrating with active learning methods such as Problem Based Learning (PBL). We believe that our materials provide students with a well-balanced and state-of-the-art online education for the 21st century.

Our Native English-speaking instructors operate their classes while working with their students online in an active learning environment, as well as considering their level of understanding. We believe that this attitude for the students encourages comprehensive study and efficiently develops their communication, leadership, and self-discipline skills.

Alternative course Materials

The Centric Learning School powers our alternative course material. These materials have been improved for many years based on their problem-based learning experiences for online use. The online system contains more than 500 projects, from which students can choose in accordance with their interests and schedules with their instructors. The native English-speaking instructors in our alternative course are skilled in teaching these PBL materials to provide the students with a comprehensive understanding online.