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two courses to obtain double diploma accredited in U.S. and Japan

two courses to obtain double diploma accredited in U.S. and Japan

About Double Diploma (About Double Diploma)

WAIS is an online international school that accepts elementary, middle and high school students. Since we formed a partnership with the University of Missouri High School and High School (correspondence school) in Japan, students can earn a U.S.-approved University of Missouri High School diploma and a Japanese diploma at the same time.

High school students –
two courses to obtain double diploma accredited in U.S. and Japan

(1) Taking double diploma while studying in current high school in Japan The modules in our international school starts at evening(17:05-20:30). This allows students to focus on their studies after finishing their classes without having to withdraw from their currently enrolled school. Students can graduate in their current school to obtain a local diploma, while at the same time completing our international school modules. Students can earn a Japanese diploma at their local Japanese school and an American high school diploma at our school (double diploma).

(2) Taking double diploma by enrolling to high school(correspondence course) affiliated.

We also prepare the course which allows students study at anytime, which is convenient for them, and take our international school modules during the evening. This allows students to pursue a double diploma in Japan and the U.S. without too much pressure and with more flexibility.

Reliable ESL course

ESL course for students who are not confident in their English learning ability.

  • W. Arrows. IS offers an ESL course. ESL (English as a Second Language) is a remedial curriculum for those who are learning English as a second language.
    Many students who grew up with Japanese as their first language worry about whether or not they could keep up with English classes. In the ELS course, students can learn English from the basics, and once they are able to keep up with the class, they can join the regular course.
  • After completing ESL, they will be put into classes depending on their English ability and not their age so they can learn with ease.
  • All the classes are classified by the English leaning levels not the student’s age. There is no need to feel any pressure to join the new classes after the ESL course.
  • Japanese advisor, who understands the difficulty of learning English him/herself, will support students as an academic advisor together with the instructor.