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Centric Learning

Centric Learning

Centric Learning Overview

Centric Learning is powered by an innovative learning platform for K-12 schools built for student growth through project-based learning (PBL) and competency-based assessment. Our approach is evidence-based and accredited by Cognia, one of the largest K-12 accrediting organizations in the world serving millions of students.

Our complete 4th through 12th grade curriculum is integrated on our platform to deliver a seamless experience for students, teachers and administrators.

Project Based Learning

Centric Learning’s online learning platform brings PBL to life by actively engaging students to participate in solving real-world problems, challenges, and complex questions relevant to their personal & community experience. Our platform is robust & offers over 1,000 cross-curricular projects that align to national & international standards. Our students have voice and choice, empowering them to develop mastery in their specific areas of interest and learning styles. Each student is provided in depth assessment, feedback, & support by a highly qualified team of instructors with subject matter expertise in each respective subject. Teachers are trained and certified to create engaging curriculum & live lessons, in time adapting projects to align with local community interests.

Competency Based Assessment

Centric Learning is authorized by the Cognia Accreditation Agency established by the U.S. Department of Education to provide a competency based transcript for students that is recognized by a network of over 20,000+ international post-secondary institutions. Students progress through their Centric Learning courses by completing lessons or modules, mastering competencies, and demonstrating command of the material by completing projects. Each standard is aligned to national curriculum standards, and has a proficiency-based rubric for providing students feedback, competency-based assessment, and grading. This rubric has been adapted by WAIS to meet local needs and standards.

 A State-of-the-Art Platform

Centric Learning’s platform is cloud-based, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly. It’s intuitive design provides accessibility to engage learning on any device from anywhere. Students & staff alike who do not have extensive experience with technology find the platform effortless to navigate and utilize our vast repository of projects, which can be modified and enhanced with ease. 

 Certified & Trained Teachers & Staff

Our program is delivered by a highly qualified staff of 100+ certified & trained teachers who provide live lessons, feedback, assess work, and offer support & assistance outside of school hours. All of our online teachers are passionate about learning, hold state teaching certification, and are experts at what they do—accelerating learning and impacting student performance.


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